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The Higher Education Reform Project (Loan 2766-MON) executed by Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports (MECSS), and financed by Asian Development Bank (ADB) aims to deliver outputs on improving (i) quality and relevance of higher education programs; (ii) effectiveness of higher education management, financing, and governance; and (iii) equity and access to higher education. The project impact will be an increase in the number of globally competitive higher education graduates that are adequately skilled to the needs of the labor market. The eventual project outcome will be an improved, well-managed, and equitable higher education system.

The MECSS is now accepting applications for a vacancy for Research and Training Specialist. The Research and Training Specialist will be stationed full-time in the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) in Ulaanbaatar and report to the Project Coordinator. The Specialist will ensure the proper preparation and implementation of planning and Higher education reform activities, and the monitoring and evaluation activities in the areas of training, program development for accreditation, public private partnership, research activities, establishment and management of the higher education development fund, development of e-learning centers, piloting activities of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), and higher education reform initiatives in the selected public and private HEIs, among others.

Scope of Work
The main duties and responsibilities of the Research and Training Specialist will include the following tasks, but the Specialist is expected to perform any other tasks in the areas of responsibilities as deemed necessary. S/he will perform the assigned tasks under the direct supervision and guidance of the Project Coordinator.

Implement, supervise and monitor timely implementation of the project activities in the areas of research development, capacity building and distance education in line with the relevant policies and procedures adhered by the MECSS, Ministry of Finance and ADB;
Develop action plans in the areas of responsibilities pertinent to specific outputs of the project in consultation with the MECSS’ relevant departments, divisions and working groups, and submit to the Project Coordinator for consolidation;
Support the Project Coordinator in preparing and monitoring the Project Performance Management System (PPMS);
Prepare the project monthly, quarterly and annual reports and submit to the Project Coordinator for consolidation;
Coordinate and manage the research capacity building activities with support from the project’ consultants, on competitive grants, fellowship programs, partnerships, and teacher professional development for research excellence;
Coordinate and manage the human resource capacity building activities such as training, workshops, and discussion series which are pertinent to the project focus areas;
Manage the competitive grants under the project, and ensure the inclusive participation of all the HEIs;
Identify and liaise with the international and national institutions to provide the training, research and fellowship programs;
Ensure that the proposed human resource capacity building activities for faculty and non-faculty development have effective pedagogical techniques, usage of ICT for instruction and experiential-learning methods for approval;
Design, develop and deliver distance education courses for faculty development and popularization of project results for the target beneficiaries in rural HEIs;
Liaise with the HEIs to monitor the human resource capacity building activities implemented at HEIs;
Facilitate sustainability of the capacity development efforts by supporting the HEIs to create the teaching and learning centers, centers of excellence, and career development centers;
Maintain records of all training activities such as topics/subjects of the training programs, number and names of, duration, costs, and follow up activities;
Manage all procurement related activities in consultation with project stakeholders and in accordance with the agreed procedures of ADB and Government;
Prepare annual procurement plan in accordance with the project implementation plan, in a form and manner acceptable to ADB and the GOM;
Draft necessary procurement documentation, including bidding documents for international competitive bidding, local competitive bidding, and international shopping, prequalification documents, and contract documents;
Prepare the budget for procurement packages by component, including the procurement list, procurement mode, and distribution list;
Prepare and manage pre-qualification, short-listing, tender enquiry and bid evaluations of contractors for works and suppliers of goods including all necessary reporting thereon;
Arrange supply of goods to ensure timely availability for users and establish reception procedures and secure compound storage of all items;
Control the quality of procured items by collecting data related to output indicators in relation to procurement;
Ensure MECSS’ compliance and adherence to ADB Guidelines on Procurement and Consulting Services by providing support and guidance to the PIU staff and MECSS’ procurement committees;
Handle the procurement activities including the updating of the procurement plan;
Keep records and copies of procurement documents, contracts, proposals and other documents as required by the Government and ADB;
Coordinate and monitor the performances of the international and national consultants in the areas of responsibilities, and ensure timely submission of consultant’s reports to the Project Steering Committee (PSC) and ADB;
Plan, coordinate, monitor and analyze, in collaboration with the Research and Training Specialist, the progress and outputs/outcomes of the capacity building activities in the areas of responsibilities;
Guide, assist, coordinate, and monitor project activities to be carried out at the beneficiary higher education institutions and submit monthly report  on the progress and outputs to the PSC and ADB;
Facilitate establishment of partnerships and the promotion of collaboration among local HEIs, between local & international HEIs and between HEIs and industries;
Ensure the project activities are closely coordinated with the projects in higher education implemented/financed by other institutions;
Make necessary arrangements and provide support for the project review missions by MECSS and ADB; and
Provide interpretation and translation services, as needed.
Required Qualifications, Skills and Expertise
Advanced University Degree (Master or PhD) in a relevant educational or management field is desirable;
Experience in managing projects of ADB and the World Bank and a solid understanding of relevant government policies in education are advantage;   
Must have at least 10 years of relevant experience working in higher education sector;
Must have at least 3 years of relevant experience working on programs to improve qualifications of faculty and staff in education;
In-depth understanding of organizational development, human resource management, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of training programs, staff development, and learning assessment issues as they relate to higher education management; 
Experience in designing, developing or delivering distance education programs; 
In-depth knowledge of the Mongolian education system; 
Excellent interpersonal and team work skills; 
Demonstrated ability to design and deliver effective research and training programming; and
Ability to communicate professionally and provide written reporting in Mongolian and English required
Application Submission Procedure
Interested candidates should submit the application which consists of the following documents prepared in English language:

Curriculum Vitae
Cover letter (maximum three pages). The letter needs to clearly describe the interest in and qualifications for the position
Reference or recommendation letters (no more than three) from current and/or previous employers
Copies of all Diplomas and Certificates
All documents should be sealed in an envelope which indicates the applied position. The submitted documents will not be returned to the applicants.

The application must be hand delivered no later than 3 p.m. October 21, 2016 to Mr. J.Ganbaatar, room No.413 of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports located at Government Building 3, Baga toiruu 44, Sukhbaatar district of Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia.

Selection Process
Only the short-listed candidates will be contacted and asked to (i) have a job interview with the MECSS’ selection committee; and (iii) provide proof of work experience and original copies diplomas and certificates at the interview.


Contact Information:

Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, Government Building 3,

Baga toiruu 44, Sukhbaatar District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tel: 263495; Tel: 70007263