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Date: 26 September, 2017



The Higher Education Reform Project (Loan 2766-MON), implemented by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports (MECSS) and financed by Asian Development Bank (ADB), aims to deliver outputs on improving (i) quality and relevance of higher education programs; (ii) effectiveness of higher education management, financing, and governance; and (iii) equity and access to higher education. The project impact will be increased number of globally competitive higher education graduates that are adequately skilled to the needs of the labor market. The project outcome will be an improved, well-managed, and equitable higher education system. More information about the project can be obtained from The MECSS intends to recruit an e-Learning Consultant to be responsible for planning and implementation of e-Learning. 


The five distance education centers were established by the MECSS at the Mongolian National University of Education, Khovd University, Dornod University, Arkhangai branch of Mongolian National University of Education, and Zavkhan branch of National University of Mongolia. The purpose of these centers is to provide distance education to expand higher education outreach to at least 2,000 rural teachers and students. The MECSS plans to recruit 2 individual consultants, e-Learning Consultant and e-Learning Platform consultant. The objective of the assignment is to assist the MECSS in development of e-Learning Platform, and implementation of e-Learning at the distance education centers.



The e-Learning Consultant is expected to support the MECSS in planning and implementing of e-Learning at the distance education centers. The role would involve developing operating guidelines and regulations for the distance education centers, developing requirements for learning objects. 


The main duties and responsibilities of the e-Learning Consultant will include the following tasks but required to perform any other tasks in the areas of responsibilities, as deemed necessary. S/he will report to and perform the assigned tasks under the direct supervision of the Project Coordinator, and guidance of the Project Director designated by the MECSS, and work in close collaboration with the e-Learning Platform Consultant.



The Consultant will develop, in collaboration the e-Learning Platform Consultant, a detailed work plan that will include undertaking all of the below detailed tasks.


Detailed Tasks:


Conduct a situation analysis of existing distance education centers, and blended learning programs of HEIs;
Research trends in forms and organizations of distance education abroad;
Prepare report for the MECSS, ADB and the PIU on suitable form and organization of distance education;
Conduct survey on an organizational and legal issues of distance education centers;
Produce a common operational guideline including a status of the distance education center of MNUE, coordination of activities amongst the distance education centers, and fees and charges for the use of the distance education centers;
Work with MECSS and distance education centers for their review and feedback on the produced operational guideline;
Conduct a situation analysis and study best practices in developing and using e-learning object (e-content, practice and assessment);
Develop general requirements of learning objects;
Develop technical specifications of courses of learning objects;
Develop a mechanism on use and collection of e-learning contents of HEIs
Capacity building of distance education center educators on piloting, developing e-learning content package (at least for three training programs in selected priority areas) in collaboration with the e-Learning Platform Consultant;
Develop recommendation to develop blended learning program in collaboration with the e-Learning Platform Consultant; and
Perform other tasks relevant to the assignment.

Expected Outputs:


A report on suitable form and organization of distance education is prepared;
Common operational guideline of the distance education centers is produced;
General requirements of the learning objects is developed;
Technical specifications of courses of learning objects are developed;
’ capacity is increased regarding the use and administration of the operational guideline;
E-learning content package is piloted and developed in three priority areas;
Recommendation to develop blended learning program is handed to the PIU at the acceptable level.

Reporting Requirements:


Inception report which will include a detailed work plan;
Monthly progress reports jointly prepared with e-Learning Platform Consultant;
Final report jointly prepared with e-Learning Platform Consultant.

Minimum qualification Requirements

  Graduate degree in Information communication technology and education technology and/or other relevant disciplines;
At least 10
A m7 yearsof ;
A sound knowledge of e-learning new technology, method and didactics is strong advantage;
Work experience in developing and implementing distance/online education is essential;
Written and oral English proficiency.

Application Submission Procedure


Interested candidates should apply through ADB’S Consulting Services Recruitment Notice (CSRN) following the link below by 25 September 2017:


Off-line Expression of Interests (Applications) will not be received.


Contact Information:


Attn: Mr. Kh. Batsaikhan, MECSS Specialist

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports of Mongolia

Government Building III, Baga Toiruu 44

5th Floor/ Room# 505

Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia

Tel: 976-11-263449, 976-70007263, 976-70007264